EliteCare – Maintenance and Managed Support
Optinet is recognised within the industry as delivering a high quality and reliable support service, for the complex network and security environments of large corporate and public sector enterprises.

The success of Optinet’s support organisation is down to our investment in training our technical team to a high standard, and our systems - which provide excellent management and visibility of customer service issues. We offer progressive levels of service - from break fix maintenance plans and basic SNMP monitoring through to fully managed monitoring and alerting and vulnerability security assessments.

Whatever information you need about your network, Optinet’s EliteCare has the cost-effective solution to calm your worries and keep your mission-critical systems running at optimal levels (without any unpleasant surprises). There are numerous advantages of engaging with the EliteCare programme:

Reduced Outage time

by having safe hands available 24 x7 we can guarantee a much faster return to service 

Platform stability

proactively managing outage scenarios before they occur and delivering a better level of customer satisfaction

Performance optimisation

network fine-tuning to deliver the best possible quality of service

Performance visibility

easier access to performance reporting to allow better and more timely decision making

Cost Savings

high availability of service delivers overall network savings

Freed up Internal resources

confidence to redeploy internal technical resources to manage other technology platforms

Guaranteed expertise

a commitment that Optinet will have a team of technical people with the right level of understanding and training available at all times