Making the good look better

Optinet partners with the industry leaders to deliver the best solutions. We typically have more than one vendor in each of our product segments so that we can deliver the right mix of performance and price to suit each individual customer’s requirement.


Aerohive Networks
A cloud-enabled Wi-Fi and routing solution for medium and large enterprises.

Allot Communications
A leading provider of intelligent IP service optimisation solutions for fixed and mobile broadband operators and large enterprises.

Blue Coat Systems (now part of Symantec) is a leading provider of Web Gateway and Cloud security solutions.


Brocade provides switching and routing network solutions, and has recently acquired Rukus as a complimentary wireless capability.

F5 Networks
F5 provides Application Delivery and Application Security solutions.

A provider of a suite of network security solutions, including UTM, Sandbox, Wireless and SIEM.


The  market leader in automated network control, - DNS, DHCP and IP address management

A provider of switching and routing networking solutions, specifically strong in the Service Provider market.

Men and Mice
An integrated DNS, DHCP and IP address management software solution, that provides an overlay approach to existing BIND solutions.


A global leader of application delivery and application security solutions for virtual and cloud data centres.

Silver Peak is the leader in virtualised WAN optimization.