Since its inception in 1991, Optinet has established a solid record of professionalism in the design, build, implementation and servicing of large networking and security for a number of New Zealand’s corporate, government, tertiary and service provider organisations. Originally trading as Asnet Limited, our new name Optinet was launched in 2014 to better reflect the company’s function as the leading provider of network optimising services in New Zealand.
— Craig Burston, General Manager


Asnet Limited founded by Steve Harrington Managing Director.

mid 1990’s

During the mid-1990s, we were instrumental in establishing the Internet in New Zealand, distributing and implementing remote dial-up platforms to Internet service providers ICONZ, IHUG, Xtra, Telstra and Paradise.


Through 2000 to 2010, we were first to market with a number of innovative new solutions to support the growth of the Internet. Because of the trend in data centre convergence, we were an early adopter of a suite of solutions focused on application delivery and load balancing.

Throughout the 2000’s we led the way in developing the video conferencing market in New Zealand through the distribution of a range of innovative Polycom products.  The division, now operating as Asnet Technologies was sold in 2010.

In 2008 we introduced the Aerohive wireless solution to New Zealand having rightfully predicted that wireless networking was another key technology trend that would support the continued growth of the Internet.

In 2013 we introduced Juniper; high speed, reliable switching and routing that delivers to ISP level performance.

In 2014 Optinet continues as a leading provider of security and networking infrastructure and specialises in providing turnkey solutions for complex and emerging technologies.


In 2015 Optinet is acquired by Origin IT.  This provides scale and capability to grow in both the Corporate and Enterprise markets.  The plan to establish an MSSP practice is a significant growth opportunity.